A Pacifist in the War on Christmas

Christmas is not far away, and I’m excited.  The family being together, good food, gifts, and the prospect of going home for two weeks are all nice things I’m looking forward to.  Hopefully we’ll get some snow, and our Christmas lights will look nice.

And then of course someone, usually somewhere on a cable news network brings up the age old dilemma of the War on Christmas.  You hear about things like people being outraged about the manger scene in a government building, or about how stores tell their employees to say ‘Happy Holidays’.  And of course there are the extrememe views that this country is a ‘Christion nation’ or about how the government should stay out of this sort of thing completely.  (Well, you hear more about the former view it seems to me.)

To me, this whole issue is another thing that satisfies people’s collective need to be pissed off at something.  I’m not extremely religious, but I do celebrate Christmas, and I do say ‘Merry Christmas’ to friends and family.  It does not bother me to hear ‘Happy Holidays’, and in fact I may even have said it a few times to people just in passing.  I’m not sure I like the idea of government (tax) money going to something like a manger scene in a public building, which is obviously linked to Christianity, at least more so than a Christmas tree necessarily is, but unless it’s absolutely huge I generally don’t care.

It doesn’t really matter what religion you are, or if you even fallow one.  There are so many things in this world that take your mind off of your family and other loved ones.  Now, sometimes in small doses that is a good thing.  But every so often we get opportunities, like Christmas time, to cast that aside and be happy.  Decorations and gifts are nice too, and I’m not saying we should give it all up.  I just think we let controversy take too much control over ourselves sometimes.  After all, having someone say ‘Happy Holidays’ to you won’t kill Christmas, unless you make it.

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