Close to Home

Last night (Thursday, Feb. 12) I was working on some homework when a friend of mine IMed me a link from the Buffalo News. I couldn’t believe it. At this moment they don’t know why the plane crashed, but they did recover the black boxes. Everyone on board, along with one person on the ground died after it crashed into a home. The airline has not released all the names yet, though the article does name a few people.

Being from Buffalo (Amherst, actually), this is awkward on many levels. Obviously, it’s scary just to imagine dieing as a plane crashes into your home. Added to this is the fact that I know people who live close to where this happened. And then of course there’s the realization that, while in all likelihood nobody I know was involved, this is something that happened in my home town.

It’s easy to read about disasters in the news. They happen all the time, and the media loves to report them. But when something like this happens maybe fifteen or twenty minutes away from where you grew up, it’s different. All I can say really is that these people will be in my prayers. I guess it’s another lesson that you never really know what kinds of curves the Universe will throw at you.

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