Lenovo G530 Screen Flicker

Well, I have no doubt that my trusty Lenovo G530 will still be functioning after the rapture.  It’s getting a bit flakier in its old age, but it’s still chugging along quite well.  However I do, of course, have to tend to it from time to time.

If you have one of these you might have gotten the telltale flicker of the LCD screen.  Sometimes this seems to accompany the loose screen hinges.  Well, it is slightly related; this problem is actually caused by a loose video cable leading to the monitor.  For me, it wasn’t actually that hard to fix, basically amounting to a connector that needed to be reseated.  (Another cause could be the cable itself, which would be bad, but it’s probably just the connector.)  To fix it, just remove the keyboard, disconnect the video connector, and reconnected it.  Once again I have prepared a handy graphic to guide you (though be sure to check out my post on fixing the screen hinges and check out the graphic there first; you’ll need to take those steps to get to the screws here):

Howto: Reseat the Lenovo G530 video cable

Be very careful, as the parts in here are kind of delicate.  Particularly don’t yank the keyboard too much.  Pry the video connectors out with a screwdriver (carefully), and then just stick the back in.  The problem could be as simple as crud on the contacts, and just doing this can work wonders.

This fixed the problem for me, your mileage may very.  Of course, do this at your own risk (ie, I am not responsible for damage to your laptop), but if you’re careful there’s not a lot to mess up.

UPDATE: This may not fix the problem permanently.  If the problem comes back and maybe even gets worse, I have a new post with a solution that may be a little more effective.

17 thoughts on “Lenovo G530 Screen Flicker”

  1. Thanks Ben, I’ve seen this before but this is a good writeup and better than the other diagrams I’ve found before.

    This does fix the problem, although I seem to have to do this a couple times a month still, especially if I move my laptop a lot.

    Nice work.

  2. Glad this worked for you. I haven’t reseated the cable again, but I have gotten the screen flicker on occasion since doing this the first time. I probably will have to sometime soon. I’m relatively happy with the G530, but it is a cheap machine. It is nice though that it’s not that hard to do these basic repairs to it, although a good picture always helps.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Thank you so much for this, My dads G530’s screen was jumping/flickering and I found this article.. my boyfriend fixed it in less than 5 minutes using these diagrams. Super easy and worked.

    Thank you again.

  4. Excellent Fix.. Thank you this flicker was driving me nuts and kept getting worse over time.

    This was really simple and thank you for the photos as well.

  5. All,
    I have a G530 with the screen flicker problem also. I have tightened the screens as previously mentioned and yes they were loose. I was still having the problem occasionally afterwards and determined that the cause was DUST under the screen hinges.

    After I disassembled the G530 again and got out my can of compressed air you would not believe the amount of dust that went flying. No more screen flicker.

    Additionally, you want to remove the 2 screws holding the large panel on the underside. (The panel you remove to add memory). Then carefully remove the 3 screws holding the fan in place. You do not need to disconnect the power cable for the fan. Once the fan is removed, look at the exhause port for the fan. While looking from the inside where the fan was mounted, notice the nice pile of dust/lint on the grill? Clean this also, and NOT by blowing the dust back into the case.

    As my house is extremely dusty, I need to perform this task every six months.

    Hope you find this useful.

    1. That’s a good idea, I’ll give that a try next time I take that machine apart. I’ve never taken it apart that deep, but I’ll see if that does it. Thanks for posting!

    1. Universal charger? What’s its output rated at, I mean voltage and amperage? It almost sounds like it’s not strong enough to run the machine.

  6. you’re the man! not only fixed it, but the whole unit feels sturdier now. bloody love this computer. best one i’ve had and only $500 and going on 3 years now without a problem.

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