Blast Furnace

I want to build a blast furnace.  Nothing big, but it will involve coffee cans and a blower.  So it should be interesting.  It will also probably involve some means of inserting saw dust into the stream of air, for extra flamability.

It wouldn’t always have to be a blast furnace, either.  It could also heat water, I think.  This isn’t anything permanent, just something to play around with and maybe use to melt a little metal.

I’ll try to post some info on it when I actually get it going.  Maybe some pictures, and even diagrams.  Maybe a nice 3D rendering or two.  Of course, this isn’t really something you’d want to get into unless you’re a seasoned pyromaniac.  But it would still be neat to show off, I’m sure.  Maybe you can even do something productive with it, like forge something.

Well, aside from that, I’m doing okay.  Working a little bit in the middle of the state, but I’ll be home tomorrow.  It’ll be nice.  I found out I did okay in school, so that’s nice too.