Second Post!

Somehow, I had expected to post here a few more times this year, not sure what I was thinking.  But, better late than ever.  Now for something Halloween-related:


And here’s a picture in the light:

IMG_7558Good-sized pumpkin, and I also made sure to save the seeds:

IMG_7557Basically, you pick the seeds out of the pumpkin guts and rinse them out well.  Then you can let them dry for about a week, and save them in an envelope.  I’ve got the ones above from the big pumpkin, as well as some from a smaller one.  I’m not sure I’ll have the space to plan them in the spring, as they do kind of take over, but I’ll see.

Anyways, I mentioned an homebrew inverter project before.  I’m still tossing this around, but I think I’ve thought of a way to simplify part of it.  More information will come, sometime.

In the mean time, Happy Halloween!

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