More Cape Cod Pics

Well, I’m back from the Cape, but I have some more pictures.

Newcomb Hollow Pictures

Well, I now have some more pictures from Cape Cod, this time from the beach at Newcomb Hollow.  We stuck around until it got dark, as shown in two of the pics.

Some people around a fire at the beach.

The sun setting behind the dune.

A view of the beach from earlier in the day.

A view down the beach, past the lifeguard stand.

Waves on the other side.

So, there are some beach pics.  It will be nice once I’m back at the swamp and it’s winter to look back and remember the days when it was nice, I was swimming, and I got sunburned.  Not too badly.

I’m still here, so maybe I’ll throw some more pictures up here later on.  Stay tuned.