It’s Over

Simply put, it’s over.  Tension has subsided.  America has picked anothe president.  Now we don’t have to listen to campaign adds and the like.

I hope things will change.  Maybe the will, maybe not; out of all the factors that can screw our country over I doubt that the president is the biggest one we have to worry about at the moment.  I like Obama, and think he might just make a difference.  Let’s see what happens.

On another note, it’s been pretty warm around here.  It’s actually about 70 degrees, and I’m wearing shorts.  Two years ago around this time we were getting over a blizzard.  Back in 2000 I can remember a snow storm of epic proportions.


Well, just thought I’d do a little rant.  Gotta love election year, plenty of things to argue about, especially online.

Basically, I’ve come to the conclusion that politicians exists to give people something to bitch about.  I see it all the time, on Slashdot, Fark, whereever.  People argue about someting, and then they pick a side, they join a horde for some particular candidate or philosophy.  Then something comes along, like the thing with Obama voting for the FISA bill, and all of a sudden you have people changing their loyalties and arguing endlessly again.  Maybe you get someone talking aobut how our rights are being eroded and that no candidate is protecting them or, my favorite, how maybe we should overthrow the federal government.

The funny thing is, there are valid issues in there.  For me, the FISA thing is troubling, and I am concerned about my rights as an American citizen.  However, it just seems like there’s so much crap that goes back and fourth between the two extreme sides of each issue.

We have to worry, we have to be conscious of who we put in office and what he or she is going to do.  We have to be worried about how it will affect us, the economy, the environment, health, etc.  But I think people have the tendency to take all the pent up rage from their everyday lives and concentrate it into a good-old political quibble online (or in real life).  I know I have.  Okay, to be fare maybe the term “rage” is a littel too extreme, but you get the idea.

We deal with a lot of shit with politics.  It comes from all over the political spectrum, all over the country.  I personally believe that things tend to work themselves out.  While some things may get bad, the people aren’t stupid enough to let it get too far.  Yes, this is optimistic, and I don’t mean to sound apathetic.  But quite simply, I don’t think we’ll be needing to call everyone to arms for a while.