There is something that bothers me regarding school.  More specifically, regarding the format the calendar follows.  See, my school uses a quarter system.  It’s a faster pase, but that’s not the problem.  Rather, it’s that most of my friends at other schools are not on quarter systems.  So, I hardly get to see these people on breaks and such.

I got to go home this weekend and hang out a little bit with a friend who goes to school back there and thus lives at home.  This was nice, though it would have been nice to meet others as well, like some of my high school friends.  Oh well.

And so there is my mini-rant for right now.  I’m closer to the end than I am to the beginning.  I think I actually may end up missing school a little bit after I’m done, but whatever.  It’ll be winter soon, and then summer eventually, and another year down…

First Day of Fall

Well, today is the first day of fall.  This is kind of nice, it’s cooler and then there’s the mental thing of how the summer’s finally over.  We don’t need the air conditioner much anymore, despite the apartment having a crappy crossbreeze.

I have a plan.  I am going to do something on campus, and it will be cool.  I cannot say much about what it is, but it will be neat and people will like it.  Maybe you will notice it, maybe you won’t.  Don’t worry about it.

Now, let’s see.  Aside from that I still have to go and configure Postfix and LDAP for virtual domains, which should prove to be epic, but that can be put on hold for a bit anyway.

Bad Teachers

I’ve had many teachers over the years.  Some good, some bad, some that really don’t stand out.  Well, at the moment, I’ve got one who’s pretty bad.  It’s always interesting when you get one of these, because there are a lot of different things that can make a teacher bad.  Getting a bad grade isn’t necessarily one of them, though it can be.  Sometimes it’s because the teacher’s boring.  Sometimes they just aren’t good at presenting.  It can go on.

This particular teacher is an older guy.  He seems like a very nice guy, and it’s obvious he knows his stuff.  I have heard that he’s good at explaining stuff if you go to him outside class.  However, I’m rarely interested in his class.  While the material isn’t that hard (thank God), he talks slowly, and often stands in front of exactly what he’s writing on the board, making it hard to take notes.

Now, I consider myself a technical person, and in general I generally find math and other technical subjects interesting.  Now, this should be an advantage.  Generally, when I read about something I’m interested in, I retain it more easily.  Though I know everyone’s different, I’ll take a stab here and and say that this is probably the case for a lot of people.  I think that a good teacher is someone who can latch on to this, and while they may not make the subject interesting all the time, they at least give you the tools to do so yourself.  By this I mean that they’ll do things like talk loudly, move at a good average pace for the class, and pretty much just get the point across in the most efficient way possible.

I’ve had good teachers who do in fact accomplish this and, as I mentioned, this particular teacher is lacking.  Nevertheless, I’m kind of stuck with the class.  I guess it could be a lot worse; I could get one of those teachers who flips out at the mere mispronunciation of his name (I’ve heard a few stories).  It’s just something I’ll have to work through.