A People Person

Someone commented to me the other day that I am a people person.  I guess that’s a good thing; we are in fact social animals.  I do like to think that I am at least a decent communicator (if you are judging by this blog, keep in mind that some of these posts are made at late hours, or other times at which my brain is not exactly operating in full gear).  And it’s generally accepted that that is a good skill to have.  But I’m not sure I would have described myself as a “people person” so readilly.  At least, I didn’t think about it that much before.

I guess I’m kind of weird in that way.  I do value human contact, and try to look for new opportunities to make connections.  I was a Boy Scout, and have willingly taken on leadership roles (and enjoyed it).  But at the same time sometimes I just can’t stand people.  Not to sound harsh, but sometimes I just need to be alone.  I take walks, read, work on a project, something like that.  Sometimes I just need to get away, and avoid certain instances of communication.

I’m sure just about everyone is like this.  Sure, there are people who are better leaders than others, better communicators than others, and people who are just best left alone, but if you’ve been in society for any length of time you pick up on both sets of characteristics.  I would say that I consider being called a “people person” positive, but I would also say that it doesn’t mean that that’s all there is to it.