Back to the Big Apple

This weekend I once again found myself in New York City, though this time I went with some people from school.  We went to see the Mel Brooks musical Young Frankenstein, which turned out to be amazing.  We also walked around the city for a little while before and after the show.  As you might imagine, I have some pictures:

It rained a lot there, which kind of made the busride back miserable as I was soaked while trying to sleep for the seven hour trip.  But whatever.

New York City is a great city.  I like going there, whether for a play or for Jazz.  But truthfully, I’m not sure I’d want to live there.  It’s just not my thing, I’m not a city guy.  Maybe I could live in downtown Buffalo, as it’s not quite as big, but I’m still not sure that would be my pic.  Well, that’s just me.