Autumn Comes to the Swamp

Well it’s getting cooler out and things are starting to turn a little more fall-like.  Well slightly.  But it’s a nice change, seeing as I was here most of the summer.  I took some pictures the other day, and so here they are.

As a side note, I sometimes wonder whether or not any of these pictures would actually help anyone identify where I am.  While I’m not really worried about a stalker or anything I do try to be at least a little careful of what information about me I let onto the Internet.  I may have mentioned where I am at one point on this blog, and I’m pretty sure most visitors can figure out my name is Ben, but I don’t go out of my way to give out too much information.

At any rate, if you do figure out where I am that’s great.  But I’ve got better things to do than confirm it.  So, enjoy the pictures.

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