Back to Snow Again

I must take a brief moment here to tell you about something you may already have noticed: I talk a lot about the weather.  Well, let me elaborate a little, as I’m sure I’ll do again sometime in the future when this post is buried somewhere in the vast abyss of a MySQL database I’m building up.  You see, where I’m from, Buffalo, we get made fun of a lot for the weather.  Particularly snow.  We don’t get a lot of it overall, either.  Sure, we’ve had some huge snowfalls (eight feet back in 2000).  But on the whole there are plenty of places where they get it much, much worse (I’m looking at you, Alaska.).  Even in the same state.

I guess it’s because we make noise about it; I can recall a couple times when a state of emergency has been declared because of the snow.  But the truth is  that the snow isn’t that bad.  Contrary to what some may believe, it does melt up here.  And, in the summer time it can actually get hot.  We’ve got a pool in the backyard, and it’s a life saver.  We hardly ever heat it.  We’ve had heat waves up into the 90’s before, and a cold pool is great.

Now, to get to the point, my frequent posts about the weather are important to me for the simple fact that they affect me.  I love the outdoors, and currently reside in the suburbs.  Because I don’t always have the opportunity to go off into the woods (deep woods, not just the lot a few streets down), I end up scrutinizing other aspects of the natural world more closely, namely the weather.  And it’s important to me; not so much “good” or “bad” weather in particular, but just that I’m aware of it.  Of course, whatever kind of weather it is can and does change my mood a bit, but mostly I just like it.

Ironically, I don’t have any pictures for this post to contrast from a previous one in which I noted 63 degree weather and vast ponds, but I will say that things have taken a turn.  We’ve got about a foot of snow, nice, wet spring snow.  It looks great, but it makes travel kind of hard.  And, it’s cold.  But it won’t be long; this is probably our last snow of the season.  I like winter, but after a few months of it I’m eager for spring.

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