Happey St. Patrick’s Day and Easter

Well the past week has been pretty nice.  It was the second week of my new job, which I think is going alright.  We also saw St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of Spring, and Easter.  Fresh, bright sunlight gives me hope and happiness coming out of another winter.

I haven’t done a whole lot outside my normal ruotine this week; I didn’t go get wasted for St. Patty’s, and I just got back from a nice Easter brunch with the family.  Low-key, yes, but good.   Now I have another Spring and Summer ahead, another quarter, work, music, and all the rest.

Hopefully the past few landmarks have been good on all of you as well.  On another note I would like to take a second and plug a site my brother has set up.  (I may have done this before, but I don’t feel like checking right now.)  It is the Nickel City Reader, and is intended to be an online newspaper for Buffalo, NY.  Check it out.

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