Quick Environmental Thing

A lot of us rely on coffee.  I certainly do, and will tomorrow, as I probably should be asleep by now.  So I will make this quick: if you’re the type that likes cream in your coffee, try pouring the cream in first, before you add the coffee.  This way, you don’t need a stirring stick.  Depending on where you get your caffeine fix said stick may be wood, or it may be plastic.  Either way, this is something you can do to slightly minimize the amount of waste created.  And as an added bonus it’s not too much to think about, and is even a little faster.

Of course, it is just a small amount of waste…  And you really should make sure to use a thermos or something else reusable as opposed to say a styrofoam cup.  But a little can go a long way, and eliminating most of the need for stirring sticks ain’t bad.  Further research is needed to determine if this method can be adequate for sugar as well, though this is not a priority for me as I don’t normally add sugar to my coffee.

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