Wait for More Winter

In the past we’ve had a decent amount of snow around Christmas time.  Well, we did have some this Christmas.  It was pretty nice, not too much.  But now maybe four days after a lot of it has melted.  In fact it was actually in the 60s this weekend here in Buffalo.  It was in Endicott, too.  In a way it’s kind of nice, makes it like spring.  But snow is nice too.

I have some pics of course.  A cat picture is in there too.

Christmas was fun, and I’m looking forward to a good New Year’s too.  Hope everyone’s holidays are going well!

Healthy Again

Last week was hell for me, but now I feel better.  I’m still blowing my nose now and then, but it’s fairly manageable, so it’s all good.  I can also sit through a class without wishing to be put out of my misery feeling like utter crap and hardly being able to concentrate.  So, I am happier now.

The weather has been pretty cold lately.  It was in the teens the past couple of days, though today it’s in the 30s.  We have some snow now; I actually have some pictures from home which I will put up later after I take them off of my camera.  Today it was rainy and slushy, but we still have snow and pretty soon (I hope) we’ll get some nicer, cleaner, winter weather.


This has been a tough week.  It is the first week of a new quarter for me at school, so I was meeting new teachers and getting acclimated to new course material.  Actually, that in and of itself wouldn’t really be so bad (only three classes this time around!) if it weren’t for the fact that I was sick beyond my wildest dreams.

Well, alright, maybe it wasn’t quite that bad.  But I felt like shit.  I had the ever-present headache, and was blowing my nose like crazy.  Before I came back from break I figured that this week would have been a great time to get in the habit of getting more sleep, and luckily I succeeded in this.  But I still felt like crap.

It’s not a lot of fun carrying a chunck of tissues around, and then blowing your nose in a tightly-packed classroom in the middle of a lecture. But I don’t think anyone minded.  By the time I made it to classes I don’t think I was that contagious (it started off as a sore throate Sunday night).  So, for the most part I only kept myself miserable.

I can usually expect a couple of these a year.  At some point I will be exposed to most of them, and I won’t get them as much due to immunity.  Well at least I hope.  It’s been worse in the past; I remember losing most of my strength and almost collapsing walking back from the bathroom one time.  But that was a while ago.

End of the Quarter

It snowed this morning.  Not hard, just a few flakes here and there.  Luckily though I got to sleep in, until about 11 am or so.  No classes today; it’s exam week now.  Just studying.

Well, I mostly studied.  The temptation to slack off is high, and I’m giving in a little right now sitting in the coffee shop.  I keep telling myself that come Wednesday afternoon I can forget about classes for the next couple weeks.  Yes, after Thanksgiving, while most other college students are thinking about upcoming finals and winter break, I start a new quarter.  It’s not as bad as it seems; I’ve gotten used to it.

It’s Over

Simply put, it’s over.  Tension has subsided.  America has picked anothe president.  Now we don’t have to listen to campaign adds and the like.

I hope things will change.  Maybe the will, maybe not; out of all the factors that can screw our country over I doubt that the president is the biggest one we have to worry about at the moment.  I like Obama, and think he might just make a difference.  Let’s see what happens.

On another note, it’s been pretty warm around here.  It’s actually about 70 degrees, and I’m wearing shorts.  Two years ago around this time we were getting over a blizzard.  Back in 2000 I can remember a snow storm of epic proportions.

Halloween Weekend and Election Day

I went home this weekend again.  Here are some pictures:

So yeah, expect a schematic for that flicker circuit whenever I feel like it.  I actually came home for Halloween, and so didn’t need it, but it’s still kind of neat anyway.

Well, on another note, remember to vote tomorrow.  We don’t get many opportunities to take a slice of democracy in this country, but it is our country, and we deserve a say.


The other day (two days ago technically, since it’s after midnight right now), we got snow.  It wasn’t really that much, just a few little specs that melted on contact with the ground.  My roommate says it was sleet, but I believe sleet means rain and snow, and at that moment I think it was just snow.  So that was the first snow of the season.

Today we actually got some respectable amount of snow.  Rain too later on, but there was definitely some snow.  It didn’t accumulate much, but it was decent.  It’s funny, as two years (and a week or so) ago my hometown of Buffalo got hit with a storm of apocalyptic proportions.  It knocked out the poiwer to my house for a week, but luckilly my parents had a generator.  The trees along my street had their branches decimated too.  It really wasn’t a lot of snow, but it came fast.

Who knows how this winter will be.  But this fall is looking pretty good.  It’s cold out, which is nice, and the trees are looking really beautiful.  My only gripe is that it’s a little cloudy.  Even that’s not so bad, at least not until late winter when it seems like it’s always dark.

I’m still working on my light flicker circuit, which I hope to have described in more detail here by Halloween, but I’m not sure if that’ll happen.  Well, whatever.  It’s a neat circuit, and really makes a light bulb flash like a candle convincingly.  Problem is, when I put it together on a project board I found that it shorts somewhere.  Oh well.


I thought I would post some pictures of our family’s cats.  Again.

Because everyone on the Internet loves cat pictures, I will post more as I get them/feel like it.  They are all doing fine.


This past weekend was my school’s homecoming.  It was fun, I played in the Jazz Band and got to see Bill Nye and later Jimmy Fallon.  The food was good too.

I only stuck around for Saturday, though.  That night I went home and didn’t return until later Sunday evening.  So, it was kind of my own homecoming too.  It had been a nice weekend weather-wise, and I got to see a few friends who were home briefly from other schools.  I took some pictures too.