First Post (of the New Year)

Well, the first month and 7 days of 2012 have been alright for me, some ups and downs.  As for things I will discuss here, I will now offer the following list:

  • I have projects that I need to look at.
  • I am trying to brush up on Unix network programming.
  • Qt would also be good to know.
  • I was messing with my Web server a little, and due to permissions some images stopped showing up.  This should be fixed now.
  • The Raspberry Pi looks like an awesome idea, and at $25 or $35 each I recommend one for learning about Linux, programming, low-power computing, or just plain dicking around.  Also, buying it helps fund a good cause.
  • I need to start posting more stuff about music here.
  • Snow is nice in the winter (at least I think it is, in moderate amounts), but I’m fine with the current weather as long as the snow is not pushed up to May or June.

Well, if I think of more, you know where to find it.  Until then, enjoy the weather.


This post is not about that movie that asks you to Google ‘2012’, but it does cover similar subject matter.  For those unaware, the Mayan calendar ends in this year (look it up), and doesn’t really say anything else.  So basically, they decided that they would only plan so far ahead.

Maybe they were thinking about it as their civilization was collapsing.  I could see it going something like this, between a Mayan Official and the Calendar Guy:

Mayan Official: Hey Calendar Guy, why are you leaving early?

Calendar Guy: Haven’t you heard? It’s the end of the world! Our civilization is declining and I’m going to go home and grab a beer.

MO: But you’re so close! Why not add more to the calendar today, and call in sick tomorrow? Or at least document it in case someone in some future civilization looks at it?

CG: Because I don’t feel like it. It’s too damn hot out. And I could die tonight! And why should anyone in the future care? They’ll probably have their own calendar. Why should they care about our’s?
MO: Well, alright. Go home then.
Alien: Hey, guys! We’re here to take you all to our home planet for some reason!
CG: Wow, that’s amazing! A real alien! Will you tell us how to cure cancer?
Alien: Sure!
Alien: We just worked that one out.

Well, alright, I’m not sure they had beer, or that sort of level of medical sophistication.  But I’m pretty sure they aliens are spot on, though.  A friend of mine even thinks that the aliens and Mayans will return in 2012, to give us a new calendar.

But lazy Mesoamerican calendar designers aside, a lot of people these days seem to be convinced that the year 2012 will hold some significance, maybe even something atrocious.  Or enlightening.  I’ll bet there are some people who think some mixture of the two will happen.  I haven’t really made up my mind about it yet, being that it won’t be 2012 for three years.  I guess it’s possible that the economy could get even crappier than it is now, or that we get into a new conflict with some other country, or maybe someone will just hit the wrong button.

Honestly though, I hope something happens, something out of the ordinary.  Now, I don’t like the idea of something like a widespread plague that wipes out a ton of people, or nuclear winter, or aliens wreaking havoc after we refuse to accept the new calendar but truthfully I’m looking forward to something happening.  Where I live we have the tendency to get lake effect snow, which closes things down for a while.  And I like that opportunity, it gives me time to reflect and change pace.

Maybe something like that would be good for the world!  We could take a look at just what we get ourselves into, and maybe change some things!  It’s been my thought that maybe some sort of kick in the ass is what we need to get ourselves back on track.  So maybe, just maybe, things can be twisted into something good if they aren’t already.

Now, in all seriousness, let me reiterate that I’m not trying to wish death and destruction upon everyone.  I want to improve things as much as anyone, but I don’t think that pain and suffering are good for everyone.  However, I do maintain that whatever comes, we should try to take it as an opportunity to make ourselves better.

Nothing is probably going to happen.  If you wanted it would probably not be a bad idea to get some things ready anyway, like bottled water and maybe some canned food, gasoline, etc.  Basically, smart things to have in case of an emergency no matter what cases it.  Maybe, if you wanted to be trendy, you could install a renewable energy system, but that’s not totally necessary.

Well, we still have three years, so let’s try to make them great just in case they are our last.