Spam Spam Spam! And Music.

So, the Akismet plugin (or some combination of that and ReCaptcha) has weeded out over 85,000 spam comments from this blog.  I should really wise up and just start firewalling IP addresses, but whatever.

On another, less spammy note I am excited about purchasing a Focusrite Saffire Pro 10 IO audio interface.  As a musician, it is important to have a good way to record yourself…  As a GNU/Linux user it is important to find compatible hardware.  Thankfully, the Saffire satisfies both of these.  It is a firewire interface supported by FFADO, and thus I can use it on my Linux machines for multitrack awesomeness with Ardour and Jack.

In case anyone is wondering, there aren’t a lot of audio interfaces supported on Linux, but if you get one that is, you can actually be productive with it.  I’ve used an M Audio interface for recording bands before (this new one will give me more inputs), and it can work well.  Sure, if you’re used to something like Protools or Logic that’s what you’re used to.  But if you’ve got a Linux machine and want to experiment, there is a lot there.  As a general rule you’ll have to mess with things more (though Ubuntu Studio tries to minimize this), but you can do some pretty neat things.  Like using audio interfaces on other hosts, and all sorts of other fancy network audio streaming.  I should write up a post on some of this stuff, but most of it is out there if you search.

Yes, I could spend more, get a Mac, and go the route most people go for their home recording studios.  But I like the idea of having free (as in freedom) tools that can do a lot of this stuff.  Sure as hell beats spam.