Things have been a little strange for me for the past couple weeks, and honestly posting here has not been at the top of my mind.  For one thing, I lost one of my cats, Lilly, who has been with me for about seventeen years.  That was a difficult week for me.  For another, I just haven’t had much to say.  I have been working on some things, though, and soon would like to share them.  I plan to make a wiki, which only I will be able to edit, but which will be a better format for posting projects and the like.  One thing I am working on is a true sine wave inverter, a simple one at first.  If you’re not sure what this is, check back eventually :).

In the meantime, though, I had a great dinner last night with my family.  I am in the USA, but I wish you all the best on our Thanksgiving holiday, no matter where you are.  Life can suck sometimes, other times it can be amazing.  Many of us have a lot to be thankful for, so take the time to reflect while you’ve got it.


I thought I would post some pictures of our family’s cats.  Again.

Because everyone on the Internet loves cat pictures, I will post more as I get them/feel like it.  They are all doing fine.


This past weekend was my school’s homecoming.  It was fun, I played in the Jazz Band and got to see Bill Nye and later Jimmy Fallon.  The food was good too.

I only stuck around for Saturday, though.  That night I went home and didn’t return until later Sunday evening.  So, it was kind of my own homecoming too.  It had been a nice weekend weather-wise, and I got to see a few friends who were home briefly from other schools.  I took some pictures too.


Well, I’m home from the Cape now.  It was a good trip, but now I’m about to head back to the swamp (school).  The week has been pretty good, but the people I know are starting to go back too, so now it will be nice to get back to my old crowd.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to post some cat pictures, as it would seem every Web site that hopes to attract traffic should these days.  These cats depicted here are actually my brother’s, and I have been watching them on and off this week.

He has two cats: Isabelle, who he found as an older kitten a few years ago, and Dutch, who he recently got from a friend’s landlord a couple weeks ago.  Dutch is maybe 7 weeks old, and is quite cute.  Both of them are tabby cats, with Dutch being orange-blond and Isabelle being more olive-colored and spotted.

Isabelle has a bit of an attitude; when I first see her each day she might let me pat her for a couple minutes, and then she starts to attack me.  In fact, she does this with pretty much everyone except my brother, though he ends up getting scratched and bitten too.  We don’t really blame her; we think that she was separated from her siblings and a young age, and never really got to learn that biting and scratching hurt.  Then again, it’s also quite possible that she just has an attitude.

For the most part, though, she doesn’t really attack people unprovoked, and she can actually be very sweet sometimes.  You really have to get to know her.  Now, things have been made interesting now that Dutch is here with her; while she is doing alright overall, she will still sometimes play rough with him, and swat at him with her paw.  However, overall she is much gentler with him than with us (if that says much).  She will look at him and growl (she sounds like a dog), yet they will also play within a few inches of each other if you dangle a string.  Given time, they’ll probably be friends.  Or at least come to terms with each other, especially since Dutch will probably get a lot bigger than Isabelle eventually.

So, here is a little gallery: