Healthy Again

Last week was hell for me, but now I feel better.  I’m still blowing my nose now and then, but it’s fairly manageable, so it’s all good.  I can also sit through a class without wishing to be put out of my misery feeling like utter crap and hardly being able to concentrate.  So, I am happier now.

The weather has been pretty cold lately.  It was in the teens the past couple of days, though today it’s in the 30s.  We have some snow now; I actually have some pictures from home which I will put up later after I take them off of my camera.  Today it was rainy and slushy, but we still have snow and pretty soon (I hope) we’ll get some nicer, cleaner, winter weather.

First Day of Fall

Well, today is the first day of fall.  This is kind of nice, it’s cooler and then there’s the mental thing of how the summer’s finally over.  We don’t need the air conditioner much anymore, despite the apartment having a crappy crossbreeze.

I have a plan.  I am going to do something on campus, and it will be cool.  I cannot say much about what it is, but it will be neat and people will like it.  Maybe you will notice it, maybe you won’t.  Don’t worry about it.

Now, let’s see.  Aside from that I still have to go and configure Postfix and LDAP for virtual domains, which should prove to be epic, but that can be put on hold for a bit anyway.