I thought I would post some pictures of our family’s cats.  Again.

Because everyone on the Internet loves cat pictures, I will post more as I get them/feel like it.  They are all doing fine.


This past weekend was my school’s homecoming.  It was fun, I played in the Jazz Band and got to see Bill Nye and later Jimmy Fallon.  The food was good too.

I only stuck around for Saturday, though.  That night I went home and didn’t return until later Sunday evening.  So, it was kind of my own homecoming too.  It had been a nice weekend weather-wise, and I got to see a few friends who were home briefly from other schools.  I took some pictures too.


There is something that bothers me regarding school.  More specifically, regarding the format the calendar follows.  See, my school uses a quarter system.  It’s a faster pase, but that’s not the problem.  Rather, it’s that most of my friends at other schools are not on quarter systems.  So, I hardly get to see these people on breaks and such.

I got to go home this weekend and hang out a little bit with a friend who goes to school back there and thus lives at home.  This was nice, though it would have been nice to meet others as well, like some of my high school friends.  Oh well.

And so there is my mini-rant for right now.  I’m closer to the end than I am to the beginning.  I think I actually may end up missing school a little bit after I’m done, but whatever.  It’ll be winter soon, and then summer eventually, and another year down…