New Laptop

Well, I mentioned before that my trusty old Toshiba laptop finally kicked it.  Well, I am now on a shiny new Lenovo G530 laptop, and so far it’s going good!  I’m running Ubuntu 9.04, and am impressed with how well things seem to be supported on it.  So far I’m pretty happy.

I wanted to get a refund for the Windows Vista Home license I’m obviously not using, but Lenovo was giving me the run around about not being able to do that when it’s bundled in with the machine.  I’m still going to try, though, so we’ll see what happens.  Anyway, now for some pics, mouseover for comments:

So far so good...

Yeah, no thanks.

And suddenly, out of nowhere...  FreeBSD!  (Wait, what?)

I didn’t, of course, accept the Windows license.  I probably won’t get anything for it, but whatever.  For fun I threw a FreeBSD CD in, but decided not to do the install.  Ubuntu is running happily, and that’a s good thing.