Fixing Lenovo Screen Hinges

In case you’re just tuning in, I have a Lenovo G530 laptop.  It’s not bad, though a little on the cheap side.  It hangs in there, and while I sometimes dream of upgrading, I want to get more time out of it.  Having just ordered a new battery (after about a year and a half of use I now get 26 minutes out of it), I have turned my attention to the next improvement: the screen hinges.

These became loose at some point.  The laptop opens and closes just fine, but wen it’s open the screen will wobble and sometimes mess with the wiring, causing all sorts of weird, scary flickering I can do without.  (Note: This still happens sometimes when the laptop is shaken, but it’s nowhere near as easy.)  I’d been thinking about fixing this for a while, but had put it off in fear of having to disassemble the whole machine.  But this weekend I sat down to have a look, and it’s really not that bad.  Here’s how I did it; it’s not that hard, but keep in mind that you do this at your own risk.  (IE, I’m not responsible for any damages, etc.)

First, remove the battery.  This will reveal four screws you remove.  (Note: SAVE THESE.)  Next, open the laptop and push gently on the area where the screws were, allowing you to remove the plastic cover between the keyboard and screen, which also holds the multimedia and power buttons.  Next, look for the screen hinges; in my case it was the screws holding them down that needed tightening.  I did that, reassembled, and it was fine.

Here is a pictoral guide:

Of course, this is condensed; you can also go to Lenovo’s site for more fun take-apart instructions.  But hopefully, this will save someone some time.