Sleep Deprivation

It’s after 2 am, and I have to get up at quarter to 9.  Yes, it’s Saturday morning.  See, my roommates had a party.  It wasn’t a big or loude party, but I hung out, and it just got late.  Now I have to do about 20 minutes worth of driving in seven hours, as well as stay awake and have fun.  I think I can pull it off.

Sleep is a funny thing for me.  If I can get nine hours of it, it’s amazing.  I mean, I’m not too tired, but I’m pretty rested.  It takes a few nights of nine hours sleep to get into it, but once I’m used to it it’s a great schedule.  The problem is, I don’t always pull this off; I generally get 7-8.  I can work with this, but it’s not as nice.  And then sometimes I get 6-7, which is doable, but not as pleasant.  I can pull a four or five hour night once in a while.

Sometimes you can gamble, and get a long, restful night and then do a late night with two hours of sleep (or even none at all).  People who do LAN parties (of which I am not an avid pursuer) can attest to this.

People need more sleep.  Everyone has their own ideal amount, but I think that most people don’t get as much as they’d like.  There are a lot of reasons, but maybe sometimes it’s the thrill of being up late.  I don’t know, I’m tired.  Now go to bed.