This has been a tough week.  It is the first week of a new quarter for me at school, so I was meeting new teachers and getting acclimated to new course material.  Actually, that in and of itself wouldn’t really be so bad (only three classes this time around!) if it weren’t for the fact that I was sick beyond my wildest dreams.

Well, alright, maybe it wasn’t quite that bad.  But I felt like shit.  I had the ever-present headache, and was blowing my nose like crazy.  Before I came back from break I figured that this week would have been a great time to get in the habit of getting more sleep, and luckily I succeeded in this.  But I still felt like crap.

It’s not a lot of fun carrying a chunck of tissues around, and then blowing your nose in a tightly-packed classroom in the middle of a lecture. But I don’t think anyone minded.  By the time I made it to classes I don’t think I was that contagious (it started off as a sore throate Sunday night).  So, for the most part I only kept myself miserable.

I can usually expect a couple of these a year.  At some point I will be exposed to most of them, and I won’t get them as much due to immunity.  Well at least I hope.  It’s been worse in the past; I remember losing most of my strength and almost collapsing walking back from the bathroom one time.  But that was a while ago.